Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) – Electronic Attack Test Range

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Kapur is the design quality manager for the design-build team selected for this $1.2 million project from October 2019 to the present. Our design quality manager wrote the proposal, developed the work breakdown structure and priced the design side of the project, formed the multi-disciplined design team, and was charged with maintaining continuity throughout the entire design process.


Kapur is ensuring our consultants, subcontractors, and the prime contractor are aware of and abided by project requirements; is investigating, researching, defining, and isolating design problems and is participating in their resolution; as well as coordinating processes and assuring written comments are addressed by the Designers of Record.

We are reviewing all plans and other design documentation for contract conformance; initiating and maintaining design quality control records, reviewing procedures and documentation for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with the contract; are implementing a design deficiency tracking system from identification through acceptable corrective action; and are certifying and issuing appropriate reports, plans, and specifications for the project.

We are also running all the design-related meetings with the COE, end-user (Navy), and contractors.