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The Zoo Interchange is a massive project consisting of 9 miles of freeway and 12 miles of local streets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The project includes a brand-new four-level system interchange, five additional service interchanges, and improvements to critical connector roadways such as STH 100, Watertown Plank Road, Glenview Avenue, and Greenfield Avenue.

Any given roadway or freeway ramp needs to meet standards for the amount of light required, and even minor changes to the design can necessitate a complete remodel of the lighting. Consequently, engineers usually do not consider how to integrate lighting until the final design is completed.

That simply was not possible with a project of this magnitude.


Planning and coordination were critical to sequence the design of the lighting and ensure we met the deadlines for the project. As structure designs for the core of the interchange were finalized, we incorporated high mast lighting into each design package. Likewise, as designs for local roads neared completion, lighting for each roadway was finalized.

This method of designing lighting, after each major segment of roadway design was complete, proved useful throughout the project.

The lighting design heavily incorporated Holophane LEDG products on group lighting poles and single light poles on local roadways.

Extensive coordination with structures and private utilities was necessary to advance design for under-deck lighting and strut-suspended lighting.

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The interchange is breathtaking at night. The lighting not only illuminates roadways for safety and visibility but also accentuates the distinctive artistic elements reflective of the surrounding area that are featured throughout the interchange.

Lights are arranged to highlight the images of motorcycles, leopards, elephants, and butterflies that adorn the walls and overpasses, making them a point of distinction and visual interest for all passing through.