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Kapur was in the process of collecting data for an old and rudimentary GIS when the City of Burlington decided to upgrade the site. Presented with the opportunity to deliver a newer, better, and more robust GIS, our staff started the process by analyzing the existing data.

The city was proactive in collecting data regarding its tree inventory and pavement markings. Our staff uploaded it to the existing site to help foster support of the effort while our developers were working to deliver a new GIS site capable of displaying and analyzing all of the city’s assets: storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, land use, floodplains, lighting, zoning, and parcel information.


The mobile tools we created allow for web-based controlled access 24/7. This allows city staff and consultants to add data via geolocate for easy map placement. It includes forms and note areas to provide a comprehensive and in-depth solution for inputting data as staff update assets.

The newly designed site also included the latest orthophotos, existing topography, street labels, waterways, and the sanitary sewer system. We continue to coordinate with the city to improve the site to enable the collection of storm system data from a “connected” office environment or while “disconnected” in the field. Any edits made while disconnected will appear in the database immediately upon reconnecting to the network via Wi-Fi through the use of the GeoCortex Mobile App Framework.

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  • Field survey
  • GIS

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  • Municipal
  • GIS
  • Survey


The upgraded City of Burlington GIS website has been a valuable tool for communicating with residents and business owners who are affected by infrastructure upgrades and street improvements in the city. It has also been a vital method of communication between our design team and the city staff, officials, and representatives.

Kapur continues to be involved with several municipal and environmental projects in the City of Burlington. It is important that we have as much public involvement as possible and encourage residents to be involved and voice their opinions about ongoing improvements.