Overhead to Underground Electrical Service Conversion

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Kapur was awarded this large conversion project in the Village of Greendale and City of Franklin, Wisconsin, under a master agreement with We Energies for electric distribution work. These improvements were performed to increase reliability that was diminished by tree growth encroaching upon the overhead conductors. The poor condition and inefficiency of the existing substation for the area were also addressed.


Kapur led the design of the conversion of virtually all overhead primary and secondary conductors to underground service throughout the S. 76th Street corridor, the west 1/4 of the Village of Greendale, and the Root River Parkway area. Altogether, the project impacted more than 675 parcels. The project also upgraded the primary voltage in the area from 8,320 volts to 24,940 volts.

Kapur staff designed a new overhead secondary system to provide power to those who elected to keep overhead service.

Services Provided

  • Electrical design

Industries Covered

  • Electrical
  • Power & Energy


Kapur staff were contracted Energy Service Representatives for We Energies, and they assisted customers converting from overhead to underground service. This included face-to-face meetings to design the new service attachment with customers while on-site at the affected property. The customer picked the location for routing, where the service entered the building, and approved all decisions on-site in one meeting.

This method of coordinating updates was very efficient, eliminated the need for additional drawings or mark-ups, and helped eliminate a backlog of tasks for We Energies.