We Energies Environmental Training

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We Energies’ environmental commitment extends beyond just delivering renewable energy. They are proactive in protecting natural resources, our environment, and the wetlands and waterways that border their projects.

To ensure staff understand these goals and commitments, We Energies selected Kapur to train them in best practices for protecting the environment during design and construction.


Kapur had already developed efficiencies for We Energies by streamlining design, field review, and permitting processes using available technologies. We integrated these techniques into the environmentally focused curriculum with the goal of achieving cost savings for We Energies during the construction of projects.

Kapur trained more than 150 We Energies project personnel and customer service staff through a one-day class focused on improving specifications, implementing design techniques, and coordinating with the proper entities to deliver a better product with a lasting impact on projects.

Services Provided

  • Natural resources
  • Erosion control
  • Training

Industries Covered

  • Environmental
  • Natural Resources
  • Power and Energy


The training sessions were extremely well received by senior managers and placed a new emphasis on the protection of natural resources.

Impressed with these results, We Energies expanded the program. Since its inception, Kapur has delivered this environmental design training to more than 2,000 We Energies staff and hired contractors.