Kapur Internal Multi-Office GIS

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Kapur is growing rapidly. We are adding new offices and staff, and relocating team members as needed. Consequently, it can become difficult, especially for new employees, to locate a team member for a face-to-face meeting, to deliver paperwork, or for any reason why a phone call or email just won’t suffice.


Increasingly, GIS is being used to manage interior spaces. We put that practice to use within our own walls by using CAD drawings as a base to create a GIS website showing a floor plan of each of our offices. The floor plans are populated with staff office locations and contact information, computer/phone network connections, office equipment, emergency equipment locations, and any relevant inspection or service dates. When an employee is added or transferred, we can quickly update the website to reflect their current location.

Services Provided

  • GIS

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  • GIS


The GIS website is an increasingly valuable tool for managing office assets, keeping team members connected, and helping newly hired team members navigate our numerous locations.